Mobster Mayhem 2 delivers on its promise to bring you more mayhem! Unlock kooky characters. Take Tenants hostage. Find hidden gold and get rewards for consecutive play. All helping you to shoot up the global rankings to become the Boss of Bosses!

It all begins with a scrap of desert. Set Harry the Hammer to work and start expanding your town. But be warned, you will need to fiercely defend it. Your enemies are always watching and waiting to steal your hard earned cash and resources.

Support your mobsters from the air, dropping mighty payloads and power potions on the enemy. Grab their resources, tenants and gold and bring them to their knees.

Unlock Tenants to earn cash. Upgrade Mobsters and cause more damage to your enemies towns. And send Prospector Pete out to discover hidden gold.

Keep your Mobsters busy and send them out on one raid each day. In return you'll receive extra coins and blue XP Stars. Do you have what it takes to get your name on the Consecutive Play Hall of Fame?